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Today’s Totalitarianism seeks informative, accessible, and critical essays based on expert knowledge that analyze trends toward “totalitarianism” in countries worldwide. These essays should be written for an audience of activists, policymakers, and engaged readers to help push back against these trends. Essays should not exceed 1500 words and will be vetted through a double-blind review unless reviewed by a member of the editorial board. Please contact Greg Feldman, Editor ( for queries and submissions.

Guidelines on disclosure of author’s identity


It is a general principle of academic work and writing in the public sphere that authors and researchers stand by their ideas and are publicly accountable for them.  A disturbing feature of our contemporary world is the proliferation via social media of opinions and analyses posted under false or hacked identities, enabling ideas to circulate and gather force without authorial accountability and referential stability.  This is a facet of the resurgent totalitarianism we seek to

However, although Today's Totalitarianism sees the importance of authorial accountability in the public sphere, we recognize that some scholars can be vulnerable to punishment for the candid expression of controversial opinions and that commentators on particular topics can become the victims of organized persecution via social media. Therefore, on a case-by-case basis, we are willing to publish articles without identified bylines.

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